My experience in Akademy.

And there I was: Flying the longest flight I’ve ever flown. The journey had started two years ago, when I joined Nitrux. I was a very excited about it! After lots of lines of code (and days, too), I was traveling to Guatemala City,  expectant about how would Akademy was going to be like. After landing on Alajuela, again on Madrid, and finally on Vienna, I found myself amazed. I was there! I was there!

Akademy started for me on august 14, because of a delay on my flight. That day I assisted to the Maui Project BoF, which was lead by my friend Camilo, and to the Kirigami BoF. Both of them were great, as I met awesome people in there and I learnt a bunch of interesting things about Kirigami. After that, I walked by the streets of Vienna with my good friend Uri.

bar: My laptop. 

I assisted to the Online Fundraising and Campaigning training session, which was the one from which I learnt the most. Uri was with me, and we were able to spot some mistakes we were making in the design of our fundraising methodologies.

Due to my delay, I wasn’t able to present my own project: znx. Uri did the presentation for me on monday, in the Linux Distributions BoF. There, he spoke about the benefits of using znx in Linux distributions.

Akademy was a great experience; something that I really want to do again. I met awesome people that made me feel at home. I hope to get more involved with KDE in the years that are coming. 

Some images are available in this gallery.

See you in the next Akademy!